MB Post: Pomegranate Couscous with Feta, Almonds, Melon & Mint

I wanted to quickly post this recipe for pomegranate couscous. It’s another MB Post creation like the previous post about their burrata and roasted pepper sandwich.

Usually, I do one post per restaurant because I find that on the second post I’m casting about for more things to say about the restaurant. But I had to throw in this recipe for pomegranate couscous because it’s delicious and it’s quick and easy. Who doesn’t need a few more of these type of recipes in their repertoire?

What I like most  about this pomegranate couscous is that you just throw the fresh ingredients into the couscous and you’re basically done. That, and the results are delicious. My other couscous recipes involve sautéing various veggies separately and then combining it all with the couscous which takes more time and creates more dirty dishes.


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