Eveleigh + Avocado Toast with Frisée, Lemon & Sea Salt

In LA there’s always something healthy on the menu. At Eveleigh, a welcoming farm to table style restaurant in West Hollywood, it was the avocado toast.

The majority of fashionable young women at Eveleigh that morning ordered the same thing, avocado toast, with a few free spirits opting for the granola with frozen banana yogurt.

Meanwhile, the men stuck to Eveleigh’s heavy hitters like the schnitzel breakfast sandwich or the bubble & squeak, a hearty corned beef hash. Not one guy in the hour we spent there ordered avocado toast. Unfortunately for them, they missed out. Its quite nice.

But then… so is the bubble & squeak which Reed ordered. It’s as tasty as the name is fun to say. For the bubble & squeak, Eveleigh tossed hunks of corned beef with  spinach, mustard and fingerling potatoes browned in plenty of butter. The whole thing was topped with a soft cooked scotch egg. I was more than happy to share some of Reed’s.

Eveleigh’s avocado toast came as two slices of toasted ciabatta covered with a thick smear of smashed avocado topped with espelette pepper and a side of boiled egg gribiche.  Its was good but, for me, slightly bland.

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