Boat Street Cafe: Pan Roasted Chicken with Apricots, Pistachios & Dill

Seattle’s Boat Street Cafe did a wonderful job re-imagining apricot chicken. From reading the menu you wouldn’t think its apricot chicken at all, there it’s Pan Roasted Madhatcher Chicken Breast. Only when you get to the last line are the Rama Farm Tilton Apricots mentioned (the Boat Street Cafe’s menu is filled with pedigreed ingredients). I image Boat Street Cafe downplayed the apricots because apricot chicken brings to mind imagines of sticky sweet chicken slathered with apricot jam.

But Boat Street Cafe’s apricot chicken is all grown up with sophisticated friends like pistachio, dill, and fava beans.  Reclining on a bed of fava bean and pea hummus, my chicken could have won a PhD in delicious even without its fancy pedigrees.

The week before when we were at dinner at Le Pigeon, I overheard the couple next to us discussing which dessert to order and the man poo-pooed the brioche bread pudding with apricots because ‘Apricots are bland and mushy.’ An raw apricot is kind of blah but a cooked apricot is wonderfully silky and elegantly flavorful.  Apricots are the only fruit I can think of that is improved by cooking like that.

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